Quit Smoking Now with Hypnosis!

Congratulations, you have taken an essential step in stopping smoking.  Millions of people attempt to quit every year through a variety of methods, cold turkey, patches, drugs, or gums; just to find the changes weren’t permanent.  They may have had fleeting success, but not the lasting results they desired.  They are left with the smell, health issues, and financial losses that smoking causes.

But you have decided to use hypnosis to stop smoking, and with that comes an over 90% success rate.  Smoking is not a chemical addiction as people would often have you believe, but instead a habit.  A habit that you can easily break now with hypnosis. 

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Why Quit Smoking with Hypnosis?

Hypnosis allows you to realign your subconscious mind’s thinking, bringing it in line with your conscious desires and thus affecting rapid change in your life.  Hypnosis also allows us to find the emotional and environmental triggers that your mind used to justify smoking and put an end to them.

Research shows that hypnosis, in general, has a 90% success rate when it comes to smoking cessation.  That is great, and we strive to do better.  Allow yourself to gain control over your mind, body, emotions, and habits for good.

Traditional methods will often pit your conscious mind against your subconscious mind in a battle of stopping.  As long as your subconscious mind believes it should be smoking, it will lead you to smoke.  Through hypnosis, we can realign the subconscious mind’s thinking and bring them in line with your conscious desires to stop smoking.

What would it be like if you had already stopped smoking, just think about how great it would have felt.  Think about how great it is going to feel, back in control, free, and able to breathe easily.

Why choose us?

We specialize in a variety of methods to facilitate change in your life, the changes you ultimately desire. For this program, we are using an industry-leading hypnotic protocol. It was developed over years of successfully helping clients, like you, stop their smoking habit. Simply put, this process works. You can stop smoking with our hypnosis program with ease, and be secure in the knowledge that you are smoke-free in as quick as a single 2-hour session.

What to expect?

Our process is simple.  We start with a phone consultation.  Here we discuss your smoking habit, desired outcomes, and see if we are a fit to work together.

The primary session is a 2-hour session.  This session is one on one with one of our hypnotists and done online via video-chat.  It will start with an intake section, where we discuss in detail your smoking habit.  We also have time here to answer and questions, and ensure you are prepared for the program.

Then during the session is the actual change work, for some of this you will be conscious, other parts you will be deep in trance.  You may remember everything, or you may only remember pieces, but rest assured, your subconscious will remember what was done.

You will leave this session with tools to help you combat any cravings you may experience over the few days following.  We also have a special section of this program, which is explicitly designed to teach your subconscious how to replace this habit with a healthy one.  So no surprise binging on twinkies just because you gave up smoking!

Afterward, there is the 3rd hour, which is included as part of this program, as a followup/support session.  The vast majority of clients who have used this program will not go back to smoking after the first session, however for a small number, a followup may be required, so we include this in as a standard part of the package.  We want to see you succeed.

As a side benefit, if you don’t need this 3rd hour, we can work on other changes you may desire; or gift it to someone else

Step 1
Craving Busters

Learn two techniques to end cravings as they begin and before they can convince you to pick up that cigarette.

Step 2

Eliminate the habit from your subconscious mind, create a state as if you were never a smoker!

Step 3
Habit Replacement

 Allow your mind to have a healthy replacement for the old habit instead of negative effects that many quitters experience.

Testimonials about the system.

Book a free no-obligation phone consultation now!  Ensure this program is a good fit for you and get any questions you may have answered.