Informed Consent Policy

I authorize Manta Mindworks LLC to hypnotize or use guided imagery with me for the purposes that I have requested.; I understand the results may depend upon my participation and application of these practices.  I am aware that Manta Mindworks LLC will do everything reasonably possible to ensure my success.

Most clients experience benefits after their first session. However, I understand that it is not a guarantee.  Multiple sessions may be required to cover my goals completely. I will do my part in the sessions, homework, or other requests made by Manta Mindworks LLC. My participation is essential in achieving my goals.

I understand our sessions may be video and audio recorded. These recordings may be made at the discretion of Manta Mindworks LLC.  Any use of these recordings is at the sole discretion of Manta Mindworks LLC. If the client is given a copy, it is only with a license for personal use. They are not to be published, distributed, shared, or otherwise modified.

I understand hypnosis sessions are not a substitute for medical treatment. The clinical hypnotists at Manta Mindworks LLC are not medical doctors/psychiatrists and do not provide a diagnosis for any physical or mental conditions, nor offer advice for therapies or medications related to existing conditions. I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with my physicians on any current medical or psychological conditions before seeking hypnosis services.

Manta Mindworks LLC expects payments at the time of, or before services are performed.  Returned or rejected payments will be subject to fees.

Manta Mindworks LLC expects cancellations no later than 24 hours before the appointment time. Cancellations should be made by calling the main number

Last updated August 20th, 2020