Meet David Heiney

A few quick words about who I am…

I am a board certified clinical hypnotist, with specialty training in smoking cessation and trauma release.  I have studied several modalities of hypnosis, including Eriksonian, modern trance work, ancient methods, and certified as a master practitioner of Human Neural Linguistic Psychology. 

I have a passion for helping people, when my clients tell me they have achieved their goals, it really fuels me! 

My background is in the IT industry, where I spent 21 years chasing dreams.  I have worked as front-line helpdesk, server admin, Director of Technology for a multi-million dollar tech firm, including owning my own IT company.  What I found was stress and that I was chasing other people’s dreams.  I left IT not because I disliked the work, but in order to better my life and reduce my stress load. 

I tend to approach the mind in a rather unique way.  I am very research based; I want to understand how these processes work before I bring them to you.  I have turned down several great techniques because the science behind it is lacking.  There may still be some leaps of faith, especially on my client’s behalves, but I assure you that I constantly am asking the WHY questions for you.

Reach out; I’m always happy to talk to people and talk about these things and more. 

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